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Welcome to AxeHedz, the wooden axe company in Tallahassee, FL. We offer various woodworks, including live edge woodworking and handmade wood pieces. AxeHedz is a firefighter-owned business with experience and the ability to assist you in any woodworking project. We are committed to staying on schedule and within the budget and using only the latest equipment to ensure we provide you with the best custom woodwork. You can trust our services' quality and that everything is completed according to your specifications.

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AxeHedz is devoted to you, our customer, and you will find that our craftsmanship's quality is above and beyond. We try our best to provide complete transparency and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we also provide excellent support for any of your concerns or vital communications throughout the project duration. We believe you deserve to enjoy high-quality craftsmanship at a reasonable price. For more information about our woodworking services, contact us at AxeHedz today.

Woodworking Axes

Woodworking Axes

Axe is used for chopping, spitting, chipping, and piercing wood. AxeHedz has an axe woodworker that provides efficient and functional woodworking axes in Tallahassee, FL. Our axe...

Firefighter Gifts

Firefighter Gifts

If you're looking for a company that sells firefighter gifts, look no further than AxeHedz. We offer various gifts that fit your need, from firefighter gifts to firefighter souvenirs. Aside from gifts, we...

Handmade Wooden Axes

Handmade Wooden Axes

AxeHedz specializes in handmade wooden axes and custom axes. As a woodworker, we design and handcraft axes according to your specification. We use only high-quality wood and tool for...

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